The Ladies Clay Shooting League

How the TEAMS work


The six grounds we shoot at will be the TEAMS and upon registration into the League you will have
the option to choose the Team Ground you want to shoot for.

Where possible we want everyone to be able to shoot for the Team Ground they want to but the
number of entrants is never within our control so we ask all entrants to nominate three grounds in
order of preference. If we have an imbalance of numbers that would hinder the function of the
League we will have to place entrants into their lower preference Team Grounds.

Once you have selected your Team Ground you are unable to change it during a League Season so
we urge everyone to register as quickly as possible as we will allocate as the entrants come in.
If none of the Team Grounds are familiar to you and/or you live outside the immediate League area
then we suggest you visit their websites and get a feel for them.

If you have further questions, you can
give them a call or if you are able go and visit them.

Our current Team Grounds are:

Catton Hall Outdoor Experience Venue

Mickley Hall Shooting School

North Wales Shooting School

Holmes Chapel Shooting Ground

Fauxdegla Premier Shooting Ground

Doveridge Clay Sports Club

Oakedge Shooting Ground

Manchester Clay Shooting Club