Is there a membership fee?

No. Membership is charged you just register free to receive our latest news and event information then it is up to you to enter the events you want to shoot.

How much will it cost to enter an event?

Each event will cost approximately £48

What does the entry fee cover?

The fee covers the administration of the event and a 75 bird shoot.

Do I have to be a CPSA member with a classification?

No you don’t have to be a member or have a classification, we have designed our own handicap system to make it a fair league across the shooting ability we attract.

Can I shoot if I am a CPSA member?

Yes of course but our handicap system will apply see in –  Rules


Will I be given a squad time to shoot?

No we intend all entered shooters to meet at the grounds for 9.30/10am to have coffee etc and then receive a briefing and call the squads. ESP – All squads will start together at separate stands on the course. DTL and ESK All Squads will have taster session then shoot in turn.

Do I need to provide my own cartridges?

Yes. You must provide your own cartridges.

I can only shoot from 2pm on Saturdays, will I be able to join in?

If there is enough demand it is something we will of course consider.

Do I have to be asked by the ground to shoot for them?

No you can nominate your ground at registration or your first competition entry, but you will not be able to change through the season. If you have no preferred ground at your first event we shall allocate one for you.

How does the Team scoring work?

The best four scores on the day will be put forward to the overall team score.

How does the individual scoring work?

At every event you participate in you will be classified as either an A, B or C shooter. Your score will be how many birds you hit out of the 75 and classified within your group.

Is registration open all year round?

Yes, registration is open all year round

I am awaiting my licence to be granted so I don’t have a gun yet, can I come along and shoot?

Yes you can if you are with a registered licence holder and you have their permission to share their gun.

I have not shot very much before and I have not applied for my licence, can I shoot?

We would recommend you join our Ladies’ sessions with Cheshire Ladies on the ‘Pull’, where you will be given an opportunity to shoot under professional instruction in the right environment.