Ladies please find below the new classifications based on your scores from the first half of the season.  Miles and I have taken great care to promote competitive shooting therefore giving opportunities for success at all levels and maintain a healthy competitive environment.

Please note – this classification is only relevant to The Ladies Clay Shooting League events and should you compete at a CPSA registered shoot or another organisation you would be classified under their ruling

We hope you are all pleased with your shooting improvements and we would like to wish you the very best of luck during the next half of the season …be part of it!


Name Team Name Team Name Team
Eleanor Hardy Mickley Hall Rachel Holt Holmes Chapel Ilham Ellison Doveridge
Barbara Eckersley Mickley Hall Anna Owen Catton Hall Amanda Staffer Cloudside
Kirsty Fenwick Catton Hall Cathryn Miller Catton Hall Sharon Blundell Fauxdegla
Karen Hall Catton Hall Abbey Peacock Mickley Hall Wendy Veysey NWSS
Sarah Milroy Holmes Chapel Linda Saint NWSS Sharon Roberts Catton Hall
Mandy Berrisford Mickley Hall Rebecca Ball Mickley Hall Audrey Watson Fauxdegla
Jacqueline Slater Cloudside Helen Worthington Mickley Hall Sarah Grantham Holmes Chapel
Victoria Gallimore Mickley Hall Janine Dixon Catton Hall Michelle Cassidy NWSS
Becky Wilkinson Mickley Hall Amy Bratt Holmes Chapel Nicola Reynolds Holmes Chapel
Amanda Burrow Mickley Hall Claire Harris NWSS Sarah Roberts Holmes Chapel
Emma Percival Mickley Hall Deborah Gallagher Catton Hall Juliet Metcalfe Holmes Chapel
Hilary Hankin Catton Hall Jackie Dawson Mickley Hall Fiona Ashworth Catton Hall
Joanne Atherton Catton Hall Christine Lightfoot Catton Hall Nicola Theakstone Catton Hall
Andrea Myszlowska Catton Hall Diane Ablett Doveridge Sarah Heath Doveridge
Diane Condie Davies Catton Hall Siobhan Kiernan-Warner Catton Hall Jacquie Williams Holmes Chapel
Sarah Oldham Holmes Chapel Jo Knapper Doveridge Yvonne Shaw Holmes Chapel
Chiara King Catton Hall Nicola booth Holmes Chapel Deborah Sellars Holmes Chapel
Lucy Earl Holmes Chapel Bridget Barry Fauxdegla Charis Ditchfield Doveridge
Emma Cork Doveridge Julia Payne Catton Hall Charlotte Garbutt Mickley Hall
Claire Fiddler Holmes Chapel Georgie Marland Mickley Hall
Kath Yates Doveridge
Lisa Flavell-Matts Mickley Hall
Rachel Bower Mickley Hall
Sam Gregory Fauxdegla
Samantha Hulley Mickley Hall
Coleen Porter Mickley Hall
Lisa Nicholls NWSS
Tracy Perkin Catton Hall
Jules Trevor Catton Hall
Nadine Thornton Mickley Hall
Charlotte Norman Mickley Hall
Josephine Smith Catton Hall
Tracy Vahter Holmes Chapel
Paula Hughes Catton Hall
Clair Sheavilles NWSS
Jacqueline Burton Catton Hall
Nicola Marpole Catton Hall
Hayley Agnew Catton Hall
Sam Jones Mickley Hall
Anne Marie Wherton Doveridge
Jennifer Ellis Holmes Chapel
Victoria Watson-Smyth Holmes Chapel
Kate Poyser Doveridge
Al Waring Catton Hall
April Owens Doveridge


Ladies below are the scores showing your league position at the halfway stage based on the amount of clays you have HIT!

Please Note – your best 4 scores will count for the final league placing awards and many of you are well on the way to achieving that!

Keep it up ladies looking forward to the rest of the season …be part of it!

Name Score No Shoots
Victoria Gallimore 253 4
Hilary Hankin 246 4
Sarah Oldham 239 4
Lucy Earl 237 4
Amy Bratt 218 4
Jo Knapper 216 4
Abbey Peacock 212 4
Janine Dixon 211 4
Linda Saint 202 4
Claire Fiddler 191 4
Becky Wilkinson 180 3
Julia Payne 172 3
Siobhan Kiernan-Warner 172 4
Joanne Atherton 171 3
Kirsty Fenwick 170 3
Karen Hall 168 3
Barbara Eckersley 163 3
Clair Sheavilles 162 4
Mandy Berrisford 162 3
Rebecca Ball 161 3
Amanda Burrow 159 3
Anne Marie Wherton 156 4
Christine Lightfoot 139 3
Tracy Vahter 138 4
Helen Worthington 128 3
Sarah Milroy 127 2
Chiara King 122 2
Nicola booth 120 2
Hayley Agnew 110 3
Rachel Holt 102 2
Victoria Watson-Smyth 102 3
Cathryn Miller 95 2
Jennifer Ellis 94 3
Kate Poyser 94 2
Nicola Marpole 92 3
Claire Harris 91 2
Kath Yates 87 2
Sam Jones 87 2
Al Waring 78 2
Audrey Watson 68 2
Emma Cork 65 1
Diane Ablett 57 1
Nicola Reynolds 52 1
Juliet Metcalfe 49 1
Deborah Gallagher 48 1
Ilham Ellison 48 2
Nicola Theakstone 48 1
Josephine Smith 46 1
April Owens 46 1
Charis Ditchfield 45 1
Jacqueline Burton 36 1
Coleen Porter 33 1
Paula Hughes 32 1