Day 1
I was quite excited & nervous about shooting here, it was second major 200 bird shoot in this discipline.
I started shooting DTL july 2018 after shooting sporting for three and half years. Thanks to John Barnett and the Ladies Clay Shooting League.
I turned up on the first day of  the two day event. Weather was perfect.
I shoot my personal best of 98/287 which I was very pleased about.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day..
and met some lovely people along the way.
Day 2
I turned up on Sunday it was raining and windy, but that wasn’t going to stop me!!
I was still overwhelmed about shooting my personal best on Saturday.
I had set myself a challenge to beat my personal best today, and boy what a day it was, beating my personal best with a score of 98/289.
Giving me a total score of 196/576. I was so pleased with myself and my scores.
And the day didn’t end there!
I went on to win C class-£200.00 and 500 cartridge, which then put me in the final shoot off with the other classification winners.
And I won with a score of 25/75.
Achieving High gun. I was ecstatic!!!!!
I was now in the grand final against Saturdays high gun Ian Roper.
I also came joint 3rd in the ladies which I forfeited ( energy needed)
I also came 3rd in junior – winning my first medal in DTL.
I found myself to be calm and collected in the grand final shoot off.
Unfortunately Ian beat me, but that didn’t seem to matter to me, I was full of excitement, happy, very happy on what I’d achieved over an excellent weekend of DTL.
One I won’t forget in a long time.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my coach John Barnett for all his hard work.
Mid Wales Shooting School for hosting a great event.
And Gamebore for the generous prizes.
Also a huge congratulations to Ian Roper on winning Gamebore Grand Prix 2018
See you next year!!!!